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Menstrual Cup Review

por Athena Cups (2016-10-10)

Let me commence this review by saying I purchased my menstrual cup online and I hope this review helps another women out! If you are on the fence about buying menstrual cups then get off it and go buy one.

Just as the diaphram acts as a barrier, the menstrual Cup is similarly worn and collects the fluids inside you. You simply take the cup out, wash out the contents, and reinsert. The instructions inside the box are quite helpful and easy to use for the first time inserting the cup.

Most menstrual cups are also made of silicone and totally safe for your body. They can even be worn more than 14 hours if you are irregular and not sure when to expect it. As a reusable product the cup lasts a long time; roughly a year or so until the menstrual cup becomes discoloured and/or needs to be replaced. It comes with a small, discreet tie-up bag you can store it in.

For many years I felt humiliated on my period, not helped by the fact that leaking was commonplace. Before I tried the cup, I mostly used tampons at work and pads everywhere else. This was my normal routine for years, until just within the last year or so I've started getting an itch around the expected day. It gets so bad that the skin will often be rubbed raw just from wearing panties. Pads and tampons, even unscented ones, have agrivated the symptom. Now, no more.

Two cycles after I switched to this menstrual cup brand my period is discreet, 150% my business, and I can get on with an active life comfortably without moving around awkwardly to accomodate a developing pad wedgie. Even the itch has mostly stopped. At the most I need a small liner sometimes for days I bleed a lot and leaks *may* happen. I can wear it a couple days in advance if needed for those times I'm 1-2 days late... No paper waste and I keep my money in my pocket and away from the pad and tampon merchants. I did worry about it slipping or falling out (since tampons always did as my body began to reject them) but just take time to practice insertion using the instructions and it becomes second nature. Your vaginal walls will hold it in fine if you have it properly in place, and if you feel pain then it is NOT sitting in there right.

Bear in mind that different menstrual cup sizes will work for different vaginas, but generally you should start with whichever size (1 or 2) best describes you. A nulliparous woman will not necessarily always be "tighter" than a woman who's had kids, and vice versa, thus if one cup size or brand doesn't work, go out and buy then try the other.

To conclude this review, I'm seriously pleased with my Luna Cup and I'll recommend it to any women looking to buy something modern for her period. This menstrual cup changed my life and definitely my self-esteem. I feel truly freed from many period pet peeves, and if you are a person whose body is hypersensitive, you will absolutely appreciate what this can do for you. In addition to that, you make a good choice on behalf of your wallet AND the environment by reducing waste.

To end my series of reviews, don't be put off by women who suggest that menstrual cups are icky or gross. If a messy, heavy period is something you regularly deal with then you're already acquainted with cleaning up the mess and getting blood on yourself anyway. The cup is actually WAY less messy, as long as you pinch it the right way when removing and take it straight to the sink. I can't recall how many times after removing twisted pads and oversaturated SUPER GROSS tampons that I actually had to go shower blood off myself and my clothes. With the Luna cup, that just doesn't happen anymore. No more blodd cleanups, and no more standoffish looks from visitors who happen to spit their gum out in my bathroom trash can. I am actually in control of this periodic thing these days!